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We specialize in Church Development. Our team has over 20 years working with Church leaders, Pastors, and Trustee Boards. Our network of lenders, contractors, and accountants understand the dynamics of church management. We are church leaders ourselves. Some serving as Lay leaders, board members, and Pastors. Church operations require strict management of funds and inspiring  vision to keep donations and its volunteer base consistent. We are here to save you money and help build the next phase of ministry. 

Design Build Contracting


We are capable of taking a vision for growth and community impact and turn it into a viable and funded Construction Project. Our method of delivery is Design Build. We provide both your Design and Construction Documents and Construction. Our team takes the responsibility of organizing your Master Site Planning, Civil and Utility Due Diligence, and Financial Feasibility Studies. 

The greatest concern of for the church is the cost of construction. Each project is approached based what the client is willing to invest as equity and the debt load it is able to support. Life cycle cost of the facility and growth rate of the ministry is also taken into account when planning the project. Our team plans the project based on three factors: Design, Budget, Growth. Each component supports and assures the effectiveness of the action plan.

Existing Facility


Your energy costs have a huge impact on your annual budget. Reducing those cost will increase your reserves and funds available for outreach and expansion.  We provide the following solutions.

Energy Management Systems: Automating the controls of the system digitally and remotely to reduce unnecessary cooling or heating of the facility as well as provide better management of comfort during times or worship and operations.

Roofing: We also install white roofs. White roofs reduce the heat gain to your building. During the summer months, darker colored roofs attract and retain more heat causing your units to work harder. We also install asphalt shingle systems.

Commercial Kitchens: We provide commercial kitchen design and equipment upgrades. New Hood and Fire Suppression Systems. 

Audio and Video Equipment: HD Video and Sound Equipment. Low-Voltage Design and Install.

We can also secure financing for all equipment upgrades. Click here for application.

Project Financing


The lending market is seeing recovery and churches are finding the loans they need for new construction and equipment. These new loans do come with greater restrictions and requirements as banks further avoid the risks associated with commercial real estate We understand what underwriters are looking for, and will work with your business manager to get you there.If you have been disciplined in your spending and your records are readily available, we would like to submit to three banks to determine your borrowing capacity.  Click here for an application. 


If you are at the onset of your project and need assistance with organizing your financial records and planning your annual budget, we are capable of providing CPA compiled, reviewed, or audited documents. After determining where you are financially we can assist in planning your equity and debt funding. Give us a call if you are currently seeking better terms on your existing mortgage, need construction or land/property acquisition funding.

Nehemiah 2:5

We believe that thriving church campuses are at the heart of strong communities.​ Build your people, build your church, build your community.

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